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About MediNiche

MediNiche, Inc. is an emerging physician recommended, condition-specific, healthcare products company founded in February, 1995. The name MediNiche was derived from a company objective that calls for the development of "niche products for medical specialties". MediNiche is privately owned by a small group of individual investors. 

The MediNiche corporate mission is to become the leading provider of professionally recommended OTC healthcare products, specifically nutraceuticals. These products continue to gain acceptance within the medical profession and continue to grow in popularity among patients/consumers. Based on market data and company estimates, MediNiche is poised to enter the B$20 dietary supplement and B$58 OTC drug markets with a niche marketing strategy projected to achieve company sales objectives. 

MediNiche develops and markets “branded” professionally recommended nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and OTC drug products. Product development is done in conjunction with appropriate doctor specialists, e.g. ophthalmologists, optometrists, orthopedic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists, ob/gyns, urologists, etc. Doctor specialists, having the education, training, and experience in a focused area of medicine, provide strategic direction on product requirements and formulations for specific patient needs. Following doctor specialist consulting involvement and extensive literature searches, the resulting identified products are presented for marketing research, commercially finalized and marketed to the entire targeted doctor specialty group, e.g., ORTHO.TABS to orthopedic surgeons, for recommendation to patients and subsequent purchase at pharmacy counters.  The primary channel for MediNiche product distribution is drug wholesaler-to-pharmacy-to-patient.

All MediNiche products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients. Formulations contain specific ingredients that address the purpose for their use, e.g. calcium for osteoporosis, etc. In some cases, MediNiche products will be recommended to patients prior to pharmacotherapy.
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