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About MediNiche
DENTAPLEX®, Dental Health Supplement

Teeth & Gums

UROVITE®, Prostate Health Supplement


VASOVITE®, Vascular Health Supplement

ORTHO.TABS®, Bone Health Supplement


FEMTABS®, Supplement for Contraceptive Users

Birth Control Pill Users

  B-natal®  Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness


Implant Support


Lash Enhancing Gel

OCUDERMA®, Ocular Skin Therapy Gel

Ocular Skin Therapy

OCUSTAT®, Supplement for Computer and Electronic Device Users

Computer & Device Users

LASINE®, Supplement for Pre- and Post-Operative Eye Surgery Patients

Eye Surgery Patients

DERMAVITE®, Skin, Hair and Nails Supplement

Hair, Skin, Nails

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