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Lash Advance Illustration
   Clinical Study Results:

Summary: Participants overwhelmingly indicated that the Lash Advance treated side was longer (87%), softer, stronger and plumper than before treatment.

Hair Loss: Lash Advance lengthened the duration and number of hairs in the growth (anagen) phase, the phase when hair bulbs are the strongest.

Scanning Electron Micrograph: Major difference in appearance of hair fiber bulb; noticeably larger, smoother and healthier (see above image).

Safety Observed: No clinical changes in the eye area, no clinical changes in visual acuity, no reported adverse events and Lash Advance was found to be safe for intended use.

Lashes and brows grow from a vital portion of the skin called the follicle; a dynamic hub of cellular activity and life. Lash and brow fibers originate at a terminal point called the hair bulb where living dermal papilla cells divide and absorb melanin. The hair fiber is quite alive throughout the entire length of the hair follicle. Lash Advance is formulated and designed to penetrate the oily sebum layers of the follicle and deliver benefits to growing lashes and brows. Improvement and maintenance of follicle health correlates directly to healthier, thicker, younger looking lashes and brows. Lash Advance provides a safe and healthy way to help lashes and brows return to a healthy state.
Lash Advance®

is the New Distributor for MediNiche Products!

Drug-free; does not contain bimatoprost, a drug used to treat glaucoma and the active ingredient in
prescription (Rx) lash growth products. Will not darken eyelids or change iris pigmentation.
Product Description:

A unique blend of natural ingredients in a clear gel promotes the appearance of longer, fuller, thicker lashes and brows within weeks.

Will not irritate eyes and is suitable for use with contact lenses, eyelash extensions, permanent makeup and those that have had visual correction surgery.

Healthy Alternative

Quality cosmeceutical ingredients. No drugs, parabens, petroleum products, or propylene glycol. Gentle and hypoallergenic for sensitive eyes.


Can be used on eyelashes, brows and eyelids. Works beautifully as a lash plumper under mascara. Also tightens wrinkled skin on the eyelids.

Easy Application

Clear gel will not run, absorbs completely and cannot be felt on the skin.

Reasonably Priced

Significantly less than prescription (Rx) lash products.

Eye Doctor Tested

Efficacy and safety tested. Gentle to eyes and skin.

Key Ingredients

Hexapeptide-11 (PeptiPlex®)

Restores health of lashes, helps amplify volume by strengthening lashes


Promotes healthy follicle, softens brittle lashes

Peony Extract

Helps naturally restore weakened hair shaft, improves moisture retention to hair promoting healthier hair growth

Apple, Lemon, Sugar Cane Extract

Exfoliating action clears follicles of excess buildup of dead cells, allowing more room for thicker hair growth

Sugar Beet Betain

Promotes health of area where hair bulb resides, improves hair function

Green Tea

Antioxidant, protects hair from damage


Humectant, hydrates and plumps lashes

Castor Seed Oil

Softens dry, brittle lashes preventing breakage

Sodium Hyaluronate

Promotes long-lasting hydration, plumps lashes

Click here for a complete list of ingredients.


Lash Advance is an excellent choice for my patients to try before I consider prescribing a product like LATISSE® (Allergan). My patients report improvement in overall lash and brow health and appreciate the reasonable cost.

- KR, St. Louis Optometrist

After only 11 days I could see a difference in my lashes, and what was even more amazing is that the skin on my eyelids looked much smoother....the wrinkled skin was gone!

- BE, Wichita Aesthetician

I am really impressed with Lash Advance and the outstanding results that I am experiencing with my eyelashes. It has been 6 weeks since my first use, and I am seeing that they are not only fuller and healthier looking, but I also had a bald spot right above my pupil that is filling in with new growth. This is an amazing product, and I am thrilled with the results.

- LR, Los Angeles Publicist

I wanted to let you know that I used Lash Advance Lash & Brow Conditioning Gel on my over - plucked brows for one week and am already seeing new growth! Thanks for your product!

- CA, Colorado Registered Nurse
Lash Advance®

is the New Distributor for MediNiche Products!

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